Building Value

Before making an investment, we think long and hard about how we can use our experience and networks to add value to the entrepreneurial teams we will be partnering with.

Samara Capital as an investor is most comfortable letting entrepreneurs run their companies as they are best equipped to, and Samara Capital attempts to play a catalytic role through:

Assisting in business strategy
Global and Indian customer introductions
Key hires to strengthen the management team
Partnering with leading industry consultants to advise the portfolio companies
Financial structuring and financing strategy
Evaluation of growth opportunities through M&A
Enhancing internal control systems and corporate governance
Being an entrepreneurís sounding board, devilís advocate and a friend Ė when she/he is faced with multiple strategic choices - as all entrepreneurs are, every day.
As an investor, Samara Capital is intensely committed to being an active and value-added financial partner to passionate entrepreneurs and management teams that want to build world class businesses in their respective industries.
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